Before I go for my morning exercise ( time check 630 am), I want to blog abit first.

I think the world cup finals with the despicable results and winner caused me my sleep. I only managed to get 2.5 hours of sleep before heading to work. In the end, i woke up in the morning at 430 am feeling concussed and not remembering anything about yesterday night. Reason? I fell asleep while reading a book. I think I turned in at 8 pm. hahahha.

I am still feeling sorry for the french. They deserved the world cup title better. But the Italians are the undeserving winners you know?

New Criteria for winning world cup

1) instigate the referee to give opponent red card ( think portugal’s ronaldo )

2) dive dive dive ( we are not talkng about diving into water )

3) make sneaky comments to your opppnents and hope they headbutt you ( KNNCCB italians)

4) dive dive dive

I am digusted. PUI.