Aye Aye

Right now, I  better zip my mouth and tie up my hands together cause I am no longer allowed to complain about the garmen. I can only complain when I have solutions. Since I got no solutions abt the problems I complain about, I better not complain

Paiseh, I can’t help to solve garmen problems about what I complain about because I got other things to find solutions to like

1)how to teach garmen servants to write complaint letters feedback to newspaper column with tact and sensitivity.

Solution: none

2)how to ensure the K person knows how mr brown looks like.

Solution: Teach the person how to use google with images or type the url mrbrown.com to see the countless pics of mr brown.

3) do damage control about the letter was sent to the press.

Solution : it concerns a rice bowl

4) how to have sense of humour

Solution : none. Maybe she’s not born with it, Maybe it’s not Maybelline.

See lah. I have to find so many solutions. Where got time to find solutions for the things I complain about? And cannot anyhow complain now, cause garmen will demand you give solution to your complains.

The letter which says it all. 

me scared scared now. *zip*