World Cup gambling

Singapore Pools has won roughly 50 bucks from me now. For the past few days, my losses have been exponential. Actually 50 bucks is my threshold for losing. Shall I stop now?

I have spent 147.5 bucks on World Cup. Won 79.8 bucks. Pending matches include 4 more tickets. HAIZ! Today’s match for germany vs sweden, germany better win. And england vs ecuador better draw.

And now I want to rant about spain. They fielded all the lousy players against saudi arabia resulting in only a 1 goal win against them. Bah! But I think the saudi arabia goalie is good.  I betted that total number of goals is 5 or 6 but turns out only to be 1. KNNCCB

Yesterday went to Miss Superficial’s house to watch World Cup. In the end, I ate 2.5 waffles yesterday resulting in indigestion. And the match ( spain vs sb) was so boring, I wanted to sleep.

Hope today I huat ah.

HUAT ah HUAT ah HUAT ah!!!