World Cup Addict Checklist

You know you are an addict when

  1. all the money you spend are now in denominations of 5 bucks ( cause that is the minimal bet ). Sigh. I just went to cut my hair ( there is no apparent difference after cutting 🙁 and I spent away 5 world cup bets )
  2. you are not enough afraid of being in a Singapore Pools outlet surrounded by 20 ah ceks and ah peks and being the only female
  3. you believe in mathematical formulas which can predict world cup winners ( supposed to be brazil this year)
  4. you start thinking of the matches and things to bet on while giving tuition

However you know you are not a Hard Core World Cup Addict

  1. you won’t bet more than a 3 digit figure for each match
  2. your homepage is still the default firefox startpage for the time being
  3. you still think of cups as bra cups.

*applies to females only