we live in the 60s and 70s

Just came back from another birthday party ( again ) and this time it is a retro theme. Of course I had fun putting on those retro accessories and looking absolutely from the 60s and 70s. Dinner was at Sha Villa where we were served a 5 course meal if my memory remembers correctly.

I think the party is kinda ex. Imagine 60 pple x 20 bucks. And 20 bucks is a conservative estimate cause the last time I went there for dinner, it was around 30 bucks per person. The birthday girl Miss Tall and Thin taitai looks like a korean star! Her dress not cheap. Cost a hundred plus.

And on another note, I returned home to find a not so happy household. Hopefully problems are solved. I think my whole family is alike. We bottle up our emotions until one day where we simply explode. Today was my mother’s volcano erupting. Her emotions came spilling out and I got reminded of the fact again that my mother went through alot for us. Seriously uptil now, I never thought that my father did much. But that is my own opinion formed by observations since young and I can only speak for myself.

In all honesty, communicating with my father is becoming increasingly difficult. He is not interested in the things I do at work when I tell him about my day. By comparison, he is joking and laughing when my sister tells him about her workplace. I take that in my stride as I know I am not the favourite child. I tried but dear daddy, I am not going to talk about my work anymore. Talking to an unresponsive person is only this much interesting. I am sorry but I shall talk about my work experiences with mummy and heck, even my auntie. Simply because they listen.

And no, I am not crying cause there is no need to.