I spent 2.5 hrs restarting and restoring my lappie and I am glad it survived the ordeal. Hence I am blogging now. But it might go haywire the next time I used it. Sigh. BTW, that’s the reason why I didn’t exercise. hahah. Great excuse.
A quick observation in my office showed up a significant number of bachelors who are slightly before 30,past 30 and well just 30. Mostly they fall in the cateogory of being nice, under-dressed and abit no life and engrossed with work. In the end, they just appear uncle-rish even though they are relatively young.

In fact, one of the uncles was asked ” You stayed over last night in office?” simply cause he looked like he wore the same shirt to work for 2 days.

If I can play fashion consultant, I will tell him to ditch the boring blue shirts. Pink is in. But I not close to him, so can’t help him change his fashion style.

Now a little update abt LAB, he seems abit out of sorts lately. Instead of standing up to smoke, he will sit on the floor and smoke. Maybe he lost lotsa of money at world cup. Shall ask him one day. I must try to be nicer cause a few people said that I am mean and unfriendly to him. I will try.

anyway back to world cup, I bet that france will top the table when the odds are 1.73. Now the odds have risen to 5.50. KILL me now!!! But nevermind, I hedged my losses. Heh. Learning finance helps. hahhaa.