The Omen

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They made a right choice by casting her.

I catched the Omen on the “devil’s day” on 060606. When I watch movies, I am anal about enjoying my movie. So no pesky kids crying or kicking me, no endless chatter during the movie or I will show my distinctive anger by hushing a loud SHHHH!

The moment the teenagers sat in the roll of seats behind me, I had the omen that “The Omen” will not be as enjoyable with their company behind me.

I was right enough.

I am pretty alright with conversations at the top of their voices before the movie. But not during the fucking movie.

I heard 4 distinctive “OMG” by 2 girls in sucessions.

I heard a conversation by one of the moron “OMG” girl with a male companion, on the fact that the movie was PG. Well fuck that conversation and fuck the people talking. I didn’t sit in a movie theatre to hear whether the movie was PG rated or not. And of course many other less memorable conversations and discussions with each other DURING the movie.
And I think that bunch of monkeys aka teenagers must have been blasting their ears with MP3 cause they never seem to hear the Shhs that a few disgrunted normal humans seems to blast at them.

Nevermind. Maybe they aren’t civilised to know that Shhh is a negative vibe thrown to insenstive assholes who doesn’t know how to keep their volume down.

So if you are that bunch of idiots who were in Toa Payoh cinema sitting at  row L making a hell lot of noise, please be more considerate in future and FUCK OFF from movies until you learn what movie etiquette is.