Singapore Idol

As usual, I am such a sucker for this type of show. And I am one of the idiots which MeeliaCork earns their money from cause I will vote for my favourite contestants. Hopeless I know.

And I spotted my faves from last night competition already. Who can resist that messy-hair Paul Twohill? I know that he is related to someone I know and my guess was right, cause I saw that someone cheering for Paul. I was quite madly in love with Twohill and going abit hysterical until my sister reminded me that marrying a Twohill can result in children named threehill, fourhill and fivehill. Hahaha. I am definitely voting for twohill if he improves.

The other guy I like is Johnathan. Great voice and style.

And I have decided to train for a 5km marathon. Hopefully I can run 2.4 km without stopping. Loser I know 🙁