Singapore Auntie

After I watched the video, my first impressions is that the auntie in the video is very unreasonable and crazy. That’s my first judgement passed. However after reading the comments, I feel that the camera men( the one who took this video) deserves to be scolded. Come on. Be a man. Don’t hide in the lift and get a security guard to save you after you happily kick the auntie’s butt. And there was a child ( the camera man’s child) watching all these commotion. Great! He has just seen what an asshat his father is. My opinion is that he is very cheebye. There, I have said it.

The comments about this video are pretty interesting.

the thing is the man actually think it’s good value-inculcation to his child,trying to use the camera to capture petty matters and lodging complaints. this is the same reason why many singaporeans are such a whiny and complaining bunch. it’s the values that parents teach their children

allegedly the cameraman is the instigator. he began filming after kicking one of the 2 women in the lift from behind. i guess initially he wanted video evidence but now he’s viewed unkindly as someone who hits women. coward too as he instructed the security guard caught in the middle to ‘protect’ him.

Tensions been brewing between Cameraman(CM)+Dog owner(DO).Been picking on dog not leashed but dog never bothered anyone.CM is some fucker who enjoy getting people into trouble by filming the dog not leashed.CM intended to kick the dog but ended up kicking the owner.DO exploded after his months of petty complaints and being kicked for nothing.DO confronted CM, but he ran away and hide in the lift.

bastard guy. try to made himself the saints and others the sins. really throw singaporean face.

One word from Mrs Lim: Pwned

And Poor security guard.

I can’t upload the video here ( anyone knows how to put youtube videos on wordpress?), so here’s the link