She’s the Man

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If you look like that Duke above , please buy a huge ribbon and wrap yourself up.

This guy is from the movie She’s the Man. At first, I was hesistant to watch chick flick. I used to love chick flicks until I was introduced to R21 other genres of movies. And now I know why I love chick flicks all over again.

Firstly, this movie is about a girl Viola who loves football ( apt time during World Cup) and her fight to get into a guy’s team cause she thinks she is good enough. And she impersonated her brother Sebestian and that’s when the fun all begins.

She has a cute room-mate ( the drool-worthy Duke . Refer to hot pic above)  whom she falls in love with. However  Duke had a crush on the hottest girl in sch for 3.5 years and this hottest girl is in love with Sebestian. Watch how “sebestian” tries to get Duke to fall in love with his sister “Viola”

And you will never look at tampons the same way again. Damn. It is really great for my nose-bleeds.



This movie is really funny. Go catch it

Movie is with the RA gang as usual. We went for our routine coffee and was camwhoring like crazy, trying to give the most orgasmic look. We are practising how to give fake orgasms. Ha!

And I think this is the most orgasmic look we have to impersonate the next time we meet. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Pic taken from Trent