You know the night or more accurately the dawn france won spain, I woke up at 4.35 am all of a sudden. Weird, cause I fell asleep only at 1 am. And then I started to think of soccer and thinking that damn france won and the score is 2-1. My brain just told me and  I got a damn bad gut feeling
and you know what is freaky? At around 435 ( about 83 minute ), a second goal by france was scored and the score was 2-1. Damn scary right? If only I can predict scores days before the match, then my investment at Singapore Pools can reap.

Damn my psychic-ness.

PS: wait for my posts. I am watching 3 movies these week. 1 down and 2 more to go. I wanna bitch abt golden girl. I am sick at night for 3 days in a row which is weird again cause i don’t sneeze during the day-time. Is it reverse sinus? since it only occurs at night.My tuition kid was caught sleeping during lesson. I have to slam the table to scare him awake. I slammed more than 20 times. ROAR! Lao niang more tired since I have to teach after a hard day at work.