my shelter

If u might not have guessed, I have not been home from wed to sun. I “ran away” to my grandmother’s house and camped there for the next few days. I bought all my shoes ( another pair cause i am going to Loof on fri ) , contact lense solution, perfume. Boy was I prepared except for the fact that I forgot my bloody glasses. KNN. So I had to put on my contacts until just before I sleep. Needless to say, I slept very early every day. Like 9 plus to 10 plus.

On fri, met up with my RA gang and we went to Loof for a drink. It was a dress day and the person who doesn’t wear a dress will have to buy drinks. In the end, we all bought our own drinks. Sigh. Dinner on friday at the Sushi Tei outlet at Raffles City got us waiting for 1.5 hrs. The queue was that long. And the poor girl who was at the front had to deal with ugly angry customers who doesn’t take no for an answer. Worse thing is that she broke some plates and cups while helping to clear the tables. Sigh. All her hardwork and salary are going into all these broken pieces.  🙁 I feel a tinge of sadness for her when I see her helpless self picking up those pieces.

And you know what is the most fucking stupid qns I heard while waiting for my table?

” DO we need to  QUEUE?” ( insert fake american accent)

Cheebye. This is the stupidest qns I ever heard. Luckily I am not in the service industry or I would have wringed the neck of that woman.

Maybe I would have answered, ” No queueing involved for you mdm. However we will only contact you at least 1 hour later. We are very full tonight.” ( insert fake smile and gritted teeth)

I did not kick up a fuss over waiting for 1.5 hrs cause we are at fault for not making a reservation earlier. Pfft. Some people are such shitasses.

After the long wait for dinner ( time seemed to pass quickly cause we camwhored ) , we went to Loof for a chill out session. Too bad the night was quite humid and there was not even a whisker of a breeze. And seems like there is another irritating asshole who disrupted the pleasant night.

Well fuck you and your rudeness. He was asking us whether he and his gf can take a seat and share with us. I replied that there are people sitting there. And his motherfucking attitude was ” Oh you mean there are alot of people?” And he started to comment that since there are only 2 of my friends sitting there, they can take the left corner of the seats while he can take the right corner of the seats. Well, I would prefer if you take the back side of the seats and not encroach on our personal space while you nuzzle ur gf. I mean I will let people share my seats as long they are nice abit. Here is this uber cocky jerkass who definitely has an attitude problem and proceeds to quarrel with me while asking me whether he can share our seats. HALLO!!!! Wake up your motherfucking ideas! His gf was embarassed and pulled him away to a corner of our seats. I took a photo of that dick and wanted to post here but oh well, that would be petty of me.

Over to some funny shit about world cup. A few days ago, I decided to bet on the actual score of the matches. Being a newbie, I turned to the uncle next to me at the Singapore Pools outlet and asked him which is the correct form. He gave me a correct form and I proceeded to fill in before being stumped at one part.

” excuse me, for the selection portion right? On the left hand side, I feel in the home team’s score right? and on the right hand side, I feel in the away team’s score right?”


I happily placed my bets. So I shaded 2-1 and 2-0. When I looked at my betting slips, I was shocked to see that I would receive 1500 for a $5 bet. It turned out that the selection portion means that every number from 01 onwards refers to a score. So I had in face shaded 21 and 20. And it turned out that I was betting that Spain vs Ukraine 0-1 and  Germany vs Poland 4-4. Damn fuck right? The 4-4 score was the ones that resulted in the 1500 bucks. Haiz. i thought there might be a miracle.

And yest I wanted to bet for the matches that day but the queue was too long and I would be late for tuition. heng never bet. If not I will lose more money.

CHildren, betting is not good.

(PS: I bet only 5 bucks per match. Max only 10 bucks. So I am still not an addict.)