losing weight

Lunch was good. Had seafood at jumbo restaurant cause there was a client at the office.

Afterwards, went to Orchard to meet up with the 38s aka san bas. Finally all 4 of us can meet up. Quite difficult cause we are usually so busy. As usual, we laughed super loud especially me and another siao char bo. I told them that I wanted to lose weight and they are all supportive. SL will ensure that I do not drink beer over at bangkok even though it is cheap. Oh well, i will suceed with friends, family and colleague’s support. I only hope that my breasts don’t shrink.

I am frankly sick of being told by relatives during every chinese new yr that I have put on weight. I think the weighing scales told me that already. I guess the last straw was the fact that both my tuition kids asked me to lose weight. Frankly the weight gain might take a toll on my health in the future but I have the impression it is more of comestic reasons that my relatives are asking me to diet.
Right! I shall do it. I am more determined than I have ever been. I have been waking up at 630 am to exercise and walk 6 rounds in the park everyday. I cut down on my meals.  I try to eat less carbohydrates. I spent 100 bucks a month on the doc to eat appetite-suppressing pills( Don’t ask me for the name of the pills cause it comes with side effects.) I bought alot of healthy but more expensive food to ensure that my health remains good during this period.

Sigh. I basically spent alot of money.

Watch this space for my progress.