I just had a good buffet dinner at the above place. Food was good with a huge range of variety and the dessert was OMG fucking good. Price was quite good too at 32 bucks. Well worth.
Basically at a buffet, you need to have dustbin friends. Friends who can finish up all the food you take so as not to have too much wastage. And erm, birthday boy and I were the dustbins today. I ate so much that my stomach is stretching against my body and it feels tight at the stomach area. In fact we all ate so much that we have to take a cab home cause we will vomit on the bus.

and Miss Sporty dropped a bombshell. Apparently she got a bf and she didn’t tell us last week when we met her. Argh. But we saw the guy and he looks decent. Hopefully she is happy.

Birthday boy was touched and visibly surprised when he saw our bouquet of goodies. All our efforts are well-worth. He didn’t know that we will get anything else for him much less make a bouquet for him. In fact now he wants to show his friends the bouquet and was asking for pics we took during dinner. 😀 . And my colleagues commented that I will be a very good wife/gf after they saw the bouquet I did.  Of course lah, Mr Lim  can vouch that I am a good wife.

Dinner was fun! We talk crap and Miss Teh happily tell us that she wanted to pang sai while we were gobbling down the different cakes they have there. Of course we straight away stopped eating and tried to push down the cakes we previously eatened, just in case we puked. So we give pang sai a shortform and now it is PS.

Wah, my digestive system also very good. After eating, I feel like PS already. Almost instantenous.