It’s Baking time

For Mr Gay’s birthday, Miss Deh and I have decided to bake for him. Lucky boy. I baked from 2 pm to 930 pm of course with breaks in between. There are tons of washing to do which totally wears me out. And I made 3 different items for him.

butter cookies

Giant cookie for lil bitch Miss Eloquent. Look, it even have eyebrows.

Then there was the brownies I baked

before baking

after baking. The choc bits on top are from Sin’s Chocolates.

And lastly there were the jam muffins

many muffins waiting to be eaten

the nicest looking muffins

The best tasting of all is the butter cookies. The rest are just average cause I left out the chocolate chips and the real blueberries. That’s the result of being lazy to walk to the supermarket.