I shall rant about my lovely day at work yesterday. i finally understood the hate that Golden Girl was getting from the rest. Really, she made me pissed yesterday and I have a surprisingly high tolerance for nonsense at work. Fucker.

Giving me work just for the sake of giving me work because she doesn’t want me to help other dept just spoke lowly of her character. Come on. Everybody is part of the company. We need to start looking at the big pic rather than think of our own depts. She gave me this shitty 40 page govt circular and told me to summarise.

Trust me. If I do a good job, the manager will praise her and credit goes to her. If my work is unsatisfactory, the blame goes to me. Either way, I lose and I still have to do this shitty work. Hence I worked slowly and shall do this shitty piece of work for a few days. My manager will be back from her leave and I will somehow let it be known to her that I am handling Golden Girl’s work.

I heard Golden Boy is an asshole at work too. Apparently he said this to Mentor ” This is not my job duty”, when he is told to report a problem to another dept. And I think my company doesn’t need Managers like this. Whoever promoted him has been buying too many stamps from the Post Office and sticking them on their eyes.

After such a lousy day where I have to pretend to be nice to Golden Girl when I am fucking pissed finally ended and I went to do some shopping on my own. I bought a turquoise top ( I love the colour ) and a retro pair of earings and some retro hairband plus a brooch.

And I saw many people while I was shopping. First up is LAB who was seen at a Swatch Counter. I quickly siamed when I saw him. Next was some uni proj mates and lastly I saw my sis and my clubbing mates. Such a coincidence.

Something nice happened in the office yesterday though. My colleague asked me where I do my shopping at. Hahhaa. Must be she thinks I got good taste in my clothes. Heh Heh Heh. Figure not good, nevermind. Face not pretty, nevermind. Most importantly must have taste. The thing is that I shop anywhere and everywhere. I shop at Robinsons and John Little, Metro, Isetan. I love Allure and Arthur Yen brand. The rest of my clothes are mostly from anywhere and everywhere. And I always get good bargains.

For this GSS however, I am not shopping so fanatically. I am saving my money cause I am going to Bangkok and KL. I am COMING!