hahahaa. me and mother mentor decided to back ghana and we are betting that ghana win brazil or draw brazil at final time. Hahhahahaha


Huat ah Huat ah HUat ah!


Knn, the swiss failed me causing me to lose another 5 bucks. Pui.


And I am pissed with SBS. I have been late for work recently so I decided to leave my house 5 min earlier, took the bus 10 min earlier and reached work the same time which is 15 min late. KNN to the max. I think Si Beh Slow seems to suit the acronymn better don’t u think?


Bloody hell. I have to wait 17 min for my bus and when it finally arrived, the bus went past my bus stop as it was too full to squeeze in any more sardines. SO I have to wait for another 8 more minutes before I can finally stand on the bus. PUI.