Driving Lesson 2

I finally went for my second lesson 2 days ago.

“Eh, wtf? So long already still lesson 2 you noobshit?”

If only lessons were just as easy to book.

I remembered lesson 1 was kinda of a torture. First time driving, instructor shouting non-stop incoherently. Lesson 2 was much better.

Halfway through the lesson, I suddenly asked the instructor, “How much extra much we pay for a fixed instructor?”

Don’t underestimate this seemingly innocent question. If you know how the driving school system works, you’ll probably understand why after saying that, the instructor started guiding me like he’s the happiest guy on earth.

When you book a lesson, you’re randomly assigned to a instructor every single time, unless of course you pay an extra $8, then you will have the option to choose your own instructor.

Amazing isn’t it? I’ve decided to ask this same question in all future lessons. Woohoo.