Ok, I want to complain about the company guys.

First up, New Entertainment. Knn. He very tao to me now. ALso don’t know for what fuck. Miss Eloquent thinks that maybe he thinks I like him. Phwar. I also didn’t know. Wa lau, he can happily overtake me on the overhead bridge and not say hi. So tao right. And he hangs up on the phone without saying bye. PUI! BTW, his marks are now negative.

Next up. ABU ( a bit unfriendly ). I can understand that some people are a bit unfriendly. Maybe they shy or don’t know what shit or maybe he just didn’t like me. But to niao me about my tutor experience or my work performance in front of me when you think I am not listening is just a low blow man. And then laughing ha ha ha. Please lah. I don’t know what’s up with him also. But we are quite alright with each other most of the time.
I think I am particularly tolerant most of the time. I am happy at work. But these little kinks irritate me slightly.