first things first, would you ever see a cheap shirt at the Great Singapore Sale and think, ‘ oh wow! My colleague could wear this,’ and buy this for your colleague.

That is what LAB did.

He took leave to shop. ( wtf, a guy taking leave to shop at GSS. The very thought.)

He came across 2 giordano shirts which cost 10+++ each and he thinks it is so cheap so he bought it for Mentor and Mother Mentor.

I think he is on a different wavelenth. The much-too-nice-guy-and-too-much-money-to-spend wavelength. Doesn’t help that he has no gf to splurge his money on. He needs a much older ( I am 10 yrs younger ) gf.

Anyway I met up with Miss Sporty yesterday.  Main motive is to spot Mr Gay at a well known gay shop. Many people have told us he is working there except himself. So we went to check him out. He was the one to call us and say hi and we chatted awhile before we left to grab dinner.

One nasty thing happened to me before I met Miss Sporty. While I was at the bus-stop, my right eye started to feel a speck of dirt and i started to rub and massage my eye to make the dirt go away. My contact lense happily disappeared. So I was there, like a half blind bat shopping around Orchard. Fuck

Later when I was going home, I was at the bus stop again when I closed my eye. The next moment I opened my eye, my vision was clear and I was no longer half fuck blind. Great things happen at great times.