Tao’s once again

I went to eat Tao’s again for dinner. Somehow the first dining experience was better. Maybe because it was less crowded. I reserved a table for 9 pple but they lost my reservation. However the manager ( whom I mentioned before ) remembered to apologise to me after my dinner. Good service from him and another staff who was serving us.

However my dining companions only came at 810 which meant I waited from 730pm. Sian. I told my cousin to get her bf to come and join me , if not I look so pathetic alone sitting. alone. And I did some really last minute buying of my cousin’s birthday present at paradiz centre. Somehow she ended up having a white belt, a box of chocolates, hair accessories, a key chain, a pink panther cushion for birthday presents shared by my cousin and I.

Actually I am very tired. Happy holidays to all.

I got tuition tomorrow. ZZZZZZZZZ. Maybe I will break my 3.5 mth drinking hiatus tmr.

Oh yah cheap thrill for me. My colleague commented that she thought I am a demure girl who is fake ang moh ( which means very english type . Where got? ) But I am secretly happy that people first’s impression is that I am demure. Demure is me. hehehehhe