TaiJi Master

Tues morning I made breakfast for my colleagues. I cooked my fantastic black pepper spaghetti but instead of hot dogs ( which I prefer ), I cooked luncheon meat instead cause I noticed Mother Mentor, Mentor loves that.

But Knn I woke up late. So in 1 hr 10 minutes, I have to cook the spaghetti, which is yet to be boiled, ingredients yet to be cut, dishes yet to be washed, office clothes yet to be ironed,  body yet to be bathed. But I am fast man. Hahhahahaha.

Everybody said that the spaghetti was nice. Hahaa. Even golden girl who eats quite little had 3 to 4 helpings. Since i cooked almost a pot, there was too much so Mother Mentor suggested that I give some to LAB and another male colleague ( he shall offically have a nickname called A-Bit-Unfriendly, shortform ABU ). Since I cook so much, then ok lor. I am very qing chai.

Then while LAB is eating, golden girl ask him whether my spaghetti is nice. And before I knew it, my colleagues started saying something about getting married. Hur???????????? As usual, I always silently roll my eyes.

After work, I proceeded to bedok 85 market for good food with sl and by. On the bus journey there, I met this colleague who chatted easily with me and told me about his fears. Being uneducated without a N or O level certification, his salary is peaking now and will reach a plateau. He has a 8 month old son and insurance takes up a few hundred bucks of his pay. Job as a warehouse assistant requires a minimum of O levels now and he is getting worried about being obsolete in the future. His fears are real and he forms a significant percentage of blue collared workers with limited education.

Given that I am almost 10 years younger than him, I was trying to think of ways to help him. The standard of living is really high in singapore. He is giving himself 5 yrs to try to get an academic qualification before he becomes old enough to be rejected at job interviews. I guess life really sucks for him. His son is what is keeping him to go on. We estimated that university fees which are increasing at 10-15% each year will hit 15-20 K a year in 20 years time.

Studying again after close to 20 years will be one of the biggest challenges he have to face.

PS: my period came today. And tmd cramps. fucking hate. And tmd only 3 weeks ago I had my period. How come I am one of the few women with irregular cycles?

Ok, back to Blk 85 market. Wa lau, I ate damn alot.

I ate a plate of fried hokkien mee, 2 chicken wings, 2 satays and 1/2 a plate of wu xiang. I almost died after I finished. And the 3 of us wanted to walk back to the bedok interchange. Halfway we were lost and we approached this guy. At first he seemed quite shocked that we are asking a question, after he finished telling us the directions, he started to ask us for a ezlink card cooking up some story about his wife. And it became money later on. Please, he looks like he is a pro at such cock and bull stories. Believe me, I have listened to mutiple versions of such stories. Plus he is young.

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TODAY: I learnt taiji. Hee Hee HA Hee! Ha! And taiji is surprising quite strenous. I believe I will get muscle ache tomorrow. Tell your parents to learn taiji to keep fit.

Behold the Taiji Master!!!!!