sniff sniff

jia lat. I caught the bug from my sister and now I am squeezing my ass off.

I was telling my colleagues about nosebleeding history and apparently they think it is very serious. Since young, I will have a flood of nose-bleeding. It will happen for about a week or so ( bleeding every few days). The worse case is when the blood seemed to be boiling. I think that occured twice , once when I was very young and the other time when I was in jc. Luckily all these periods only come in a blue moon.

My colleagues said that this is cause for worry. So while I was at the doc for my running nose, I asked to see a specialist and he refered me to the ENT specialist.

That will be an experience. I don’t think there is anything serious but I just want confirmation and to play safe. After all, health is important.

and elliot is out. Pui. I am betting on Taylor now. Apparently there is a theory that he is the chosen winner.