In a far away galaxy in a few solar systems away, there live a colony of rabbits and a few masters. Every 5 years, there is bound to be a voting process for the rabbits’ masters.

Every 5 years, the incumbent will dangle expensive and the best carrots worth fucking millions dollars in front of them. This year it was the same. Fat juicy carrots were thrown at a special colony of rabbits which are originally ruled by a minority. Of course this was done to overthrow the minority and make it an all white rabbit masters.

The votes came out. Surprise Surprise! The minority rabbits still ruled ( the blue rabbit and the ( red and white rabbit ). And You know why? Cause the rabbit residents realised that the big fucking million juicy carrots are bought with their own fucking money when they pay rabbit tax. Finally the rabbit residents realised that their minority leaders are friendly, down to earth, works hard, heros in their own ways and finally someone they get to see on a timely basis instead of every 5 years.

The rabbits have matured.