Only single

Today is the dinner with Mr Think-he-is-charming, Mr Different Wavelength and Mr Jie Mei. I don’t know about how people think, but when I invite you to go out with me, I sorta expect your attendence only. Means no gf unless I stated explicitly which I will at times. Cause brothers must get together to meet and drink and pepper our language with “fucks”. With gfs, guys tend to behave themselves and the outing will be less fun and abit more restricted.

Which is why I was abit hesitant when Mr Different Wavelength said that he brought his gf along 3 hrs before we met although the meeting was set long ago. Mr Think-he-is-charming brought his gf along too without informing us. I think next time I will state that no gfs are allowed if we are to have a brothers’ night out.

Which made me ponder, what is the protocol when I invite an attached friend? Is it implied that the gf/bf gets invited along?  Luckily Mr Jie Mei did not bring his gf along if not I will be the only single there while the rest are couples.

Luckily today’s outing was quite fun even with the gfs present. At times like this, I feel that being a single sucks.