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Since I am sick and sniffing loudly on the tissues, I can take it as an excuse to irritate Mr Anal Motherfucker. Come on, he can’t scold me for sneezing out right? If he does that, I will burst into tears and he will be labelled an arsehole for life ( which he is labelled now anyway.)

And so I sneeze very loudly and happily. First time sneezing takes such a pleasure. And the Anal MotherFucker knocked me against my chair when he passed by. Knn. Cheebye. Other people do that I won’t get pissed but when it is Anal Motherfucker, he can go and not take a piss forever. ( oh dear, the thought of not peeing forever is bad.)

Anyway there is a new guy at work. Tall dark and handsome. hahahaha. Ok, he is indeed tall and dark only. And he got a french name. I also want a french name.

I found a few french names which are nice.

Océane :pronounced as o-sea- ang

Clémence : pronounced as clay-mos

But I like the Clémence one better cause it means clemency.

Anyway he is called Pierre. And my colleagues were asking whether I have an English Name. Actually I do but I don’t wish for them to know. So I said no. And they started to think of english names for me starting with the word P.

But I rejected all the P names cause I have friends who are called that. Hence I decided that Andrea will be the best.

And there was a stoned silence after I said I want to be called Andrea. Huh, why andrea? they all asked.

” Cause Andrea De cruz and Pierre Png mah.”


After which I went for a birthday party where I know very little people. Such parties are unfortunately boring as most of the other people know each other very well and I know none of them.

And an update on a complaint I made to the LTA. They managed to find the cab driver I was complaining about and they are going to charge him with offences. I might need to stand as a witness if he refused to accept the charges.

Another update on the ENT specialist. I got an appointment already but I think I am going to cancel the appointment. Cause I got no subsidies since I am referred under a GP. Therefore I need to go see a doc at the polyclinic and be referred through them. In case they ask me to go for any tests which might turn out to be expensive.

My life is exciting. Going to the hospital and court.