Mission Impossible 3

I caught the movie even though I was going to fall asleep. The movie is exciting enough to keep me awake for 2 whole hours. Of course the loud sound system works. And I guess it is quite a good movie to catch. Try not to go with high expectations though.

Ok now for ground breaking news. I mentioned about LAB ( lao ah beng ) right? I think my intuition is damn accurate. Apparently according to another colleague, he has ” set his eyes ” on me on Day 1 of work. Fuck. I go there to work only. I don’t believe in eating and shitting in the same place.

And I told my siblings the news,expecting them to stand on my side to reject him straight away . But they didn’t. They are rooting for LAB. So knn. I think I am quite mean but I would want “the someone” to be better than me.

So my colleagues are offering me LAB and another colleague and trying to be matchmakers.

Life is definitely going to be ” interesting “.

And I complained to Mr Jie Mei. Guess what he said?

He said that I actually got tao hua but it is all the lan tao hua called mei hua. And the mei is the mouldy mei. 🙁 So horrible of JieMei.