Meet the MP

I woke up at 530 am to rush to the airport to send Miss Pooh off to US. Luckily Big Mac drove and we hoped in as usual at 615am. After giving her Swiss chocs to ensure she gained 5 kg ( cause we are betting on the weight increase and I am betting on 5kg. ha! ), we headed to Polar Cafe where we sit and wait for her. At 7 am promptly, HF, MY and I left the airport cause we have to work. Hence we cannot see her off in a while. Chou Miss Pooh, take care of yourself over there!

Big Mac ever the worrier started to think of scenerios and said that Miss Pooh cannot help anyone to carry bags. In case the bag was opened and there was cocaine inside. Miss Pooh is too helpful already so we were nagging at all the things she should not do. We realised that the trailers she stayed in might have alot of thieves in the neighbouring trailers. And one smart ass aka HF said that she should put my picture there to scare off the other people. Please lah. We don’t want to attract the thieves. Later they always go into Miss Pooh’s room to sneak a peak at my face. hahahahahahaha.

At work, I got praised again but make alot of mistakes 🙁 I better not start to get the praises go to my head. If not I will have trouble walking through the office door.

After work, I called Miss Eloquent and asked her to meet me so that we can go shoe shopping. And guess who I saw at the mrt stations? My MPs. Wow. I went up to a female MP ( cause I relate better to a female ) and started to complain comment about my lift upgrading. Apparently all the blocks in my area gets lift upgrading except my block cause it is expensive to do so for my block. So we have to look jealously at our neighbouring blocks which have better facilities than us.

So I told Miss Eloquent that I am going to speak to my MP and she gave me this super horrified face and told me she will watch me from a distance. I went up to the female MP and she directed me to the MP in charge of my area. This MP is a new guy on the block. So he shook my hands and I started to explain that my neighbours and my family wanted to have the lift upgrading and we are aware of the costs. And then *snap*, photographer came to take my picture. So tomorrow I will be famous and on the newspaper.

After that it is shopping time, I bought a beige top and another pair of black high heels which is lacey. Super chio. So it is definitely a must-buy. Of course after the shopping, I realised I spent 100 ++ in a few days on clothes which is definitely a no-no cause I am a thrifty person by nature. So no more shopping for 2 weeks.

Bimbo Thoughts: I shall wear my new white top, black pants and black shoes and maybe new underwear. Like CNY. hahhaha