I ate at Margaritas and I am quite broke now. The bill came up to 310 ++ for 9 people and considering that 6 of us are paying for 9 of us, it came up to a hefty 52 bucks. But nevermind, the food was a totally new cusine, first time I eat mexican food. The review is quite good except for the waiting time for the food. Maybe singaporeans love to rush with their food too much.

After which we headed to Hagan Dazs  for Ice cream.  I liked the gatherings but apparently some guys felt that they are forced to go and just have dinner. Maybe they will not appreciate the dinners now but the bond we have  10 years down the road are cultivated over these dinners. Sadly to them, our gatherings have been a facade to show our closeness.

Apparently Hua experienced the same with her male ex-classmates. I hope it is not a male thing.

Maybe I will suggest something else to strengthen our bonds. Is eating dinner together really so bo liao and boring?