Lie with me

I went to watch another R21 movie with my horny group of friends. hahahaha. We heard this film is rather risque which is why we were there in the first place. Now that I googled the movie, apparently it was shown at Toronto Film Festival to mixed reviews. No wonder I found the film abit arty in the sense the music and dialouge was protrayed.

But the sex scenes definitely leaves nothing to the imagination. Remember that I was bemoaning the fact that R21 shows do not show much of the male anatomy. For this movie, I get to see the penis ( both young and old. ) Of course I was hoping not to see the old one but nevertheless the scene showed. Sigh.

This movie borderlines on porno due to the explicit sex scenes. I am pretty much sure that they have real sex in the movie.

The movie was so hot that I noticed the male who came in alone and sat beside me had a Hard-on. I was quite freaked out to see an uncle sitting beside me and was thus constantly checking his hands to ensure that he erm, doesn’t keep his hands to himself. Luckily he folded his hands but he was still aroused enough for me to notice.

And the movie is so hot that a couple left in the middle of the movie which prompted all of us to wonder where the hell they are going. hahhaha. Nearest hotel or maybe in the car. Hiak Hiak.

The dude in the movie is real hot. The actress also. She got fab hair.

And we know what to expect with a movie which has a starting scene of the girl digging away in her skirt—masturbating.



PS: I smsed Miss Eloquent. ” Hey I was watching a RA movie and the guy next to me had a hard-on. Fuck.”

Guess what is her reply?

“Cool. Did you stroke it?”