I love you ELLIOT

I found the following pics from this blog.


Go read it. Fucking funny.

( Mrs Lim: Poor elliot.)

(Mrs Lim: I love chris also.)

(Mrs LIm: this is fucking funny. I never noticed that Kat was smiling so balantly that Elliot got kicked out and she gets a chance. Cheesepie.)

( Mrs LIM: KNN. Kat’s parents so happy. Pretend to be sad for a while also cannot isit?)

( Mrs LIm: Omg, they even stood up to cheer for Elliot’s dismiss from American Idol. Bloody Hell. )

( Mrs LIM: faker. You got pwned on camera McFLY)

Mrs Lim: taylor should win for being compassionate and gracious about being in the final 2.

Mrs Lim: hahahahhaa.

Mrs LIm: I love you Elliot!!!

And for next week, I will be rooting for taylor.

You go dude