Great Singapore Sale= Great Singapore Workout

Before I start on the Sale which is an important date in Singaporean women’s calendar, I will talk abt Babyface.

Babyface is at esplanade, located at the old Embassy. There are 3 levels. For the first level where we are at, it is a chilled out lounge. 2nd level is a live band and there is a charge of 18 with 2 drinks before 11 on a sat night. 3rd level is the disco. I was not in the mood for dancing and we sticked with level 1 the whole night. The band was soothing and the whole setup with candles really seemed like a good place for couples to date. Sadly, I was there with girls. The drinks are good. Good dose of alcohol. I had the Singapore Sling and Long Island Tea and the drinks were thick and good.

The other two 38 keep on making me squeeze my chest in order to get discount on the drinks. I squeezed and the drinks are still the same price. Sigh. And they even asked me to order Brown Cow. hahahahhaa

Okie, the GSS now. I shopped with Mr Fag for 7 hours. We were bright and early at orchard at 1130 to beat the crowd which was still there despite the heavy rain. We went bra-shopping which was the highlight of the whole shopping trip.

In the end, I only managed to buy 2 triumph bras which was going “Buy 1 get 1 free” and an arthur yen jacket. I really love arthur yen. And I have endorsed this brand quite abit already.

Looking at the both of us, Mr Fag and I really look like a couple. He holds my bag and my shopping and I grab his arm ( not the same as holding hand ) cause it was raining and slipperly. I was telling him that when I reach 30 and remain unmarried and he is single ( without a bf ) , we shall get married. Hahhaha.

But our marriage will be different from other marriages cause we are allowed to fuck other men and not with ourselves. Mr Fag cannot stand a woman’s pussy although he is alright with boobs. I told him that a pussy is like an apple but I think I have just numbered his apple-eating days. We will have children though. Though our children will most probably be a product of my affairs which are allowed. We will probably live very well with each other cause he can go shopping with me and we can stand each other’s nonsense and we can console each other on our failed affairs.

Damn. What an unconventional marriage! Of course half of that was said in jest as I will be compromising on the sanctity of marriage. But oh well, with society’s perception of singles who are past a certain age, slipping into this uncoventional marriage may be quite an inviting idea. Plus I am marrying a great pal.

and the great singapore sale was a great workout. I walked for almost 6 hours and my calves are aching quite abit.

and if you know me well enough, I always shop for bras, shoes and bags. Bags are now out cause I have too many unutilised bags. Heehee