Driving Lesson 1

I made bookings for this session nearly 2 weeks ago, and the timing left much to be desired. So just yesterday, I reached the centre 20 minutes earlier, took a glance at my number and double-checked it 2 seconds later.

Then the time got closer and I went and sat outside vehicle 32, expecting something to happen. The instructor finally came over and gestured me to get into the car.

My nervousness must be really showing through as he started the lesson asking me where I was from and assuring me for no reason whatsoever.

Prior to this, I had no idea how stressful the driving experience was.

Not very sure as to how to maintain constant speed with the accelerator, one moment I’m speeding like a bullet the next, the car barely moved.

“WAHRAO noi noi noi. Norch like tart. Do tist! Loke art tha load!”

On my way home, I saw this.

Looks like there was some accident earlier on but the car parts came off and they just left it there. Real spooky.