I know I said I will exercise last week. But I got cramps the whole damn week. Fucking period and menses. So I will start this week. I just brisked walk abt 3.5 km. Actually my stamina is damn sucky. Case in point: my briskwalking and running speed is about the same.

I will report to Miss Eloquent every 2 weeks on my progress. And vice versa.
For office politics today: Apparently golden girl blocked Mentor on msn. Gasp! And there are new interview candidates today. So me being kaypo went to check out whether they “pass” or “fail” in terms of looks. And guess what? Both times I kena caught by the candidates that I was checking them out. Damn malu.

And I told my cousin on Sunday that I will stop teaching her. After 2 years or so. Reason? She has slacked into a student who doesn’t listen in class since she thinks that she has tuition to help her. During tuition, she will just say “ya lah” and ” yah yah” just to agree when I explain with her to get it over and done with. Half an hour later when she sees the same kind of question, she will forget how to do. I will explain all over again and the cycle continues hour after hour, lesson after lesson, for half a year. Maybe she is at the rebellious age of 14 but I can sense the difference and deterioation in her attitude.

Frankly I am pissed about the attitude. Being her tutor may be the cause of her downfall with her over-reliance on me. Therefore, I made the painful decision to stop her tuition. I need the pay but I believe in education. Not just education just for the sake of education but for my kids to learn the importance of self-learning. I feel that I am hindering in her self-learning.

I am learning to let go. But I will be back one month before her finals to tie things up. i want her to start listening in class. My auntie will pump her with assessment books and let her learn from her mistakes herself.

I hope this will work.