Da Vinci Code the movie

I went for another birthday party last sat. 2 birthdays back to back. Money flying from my pocket at twice the speed. This is my special friend birthday. Special because we have been friends since primary school and we have been there for each other when we face difficult family situations during our rebellious years.

And I have not been a good friend these few years. The meet-ups have been lesser due to our busy schedules and I even forgot her birthday last year. Opps. Thus this year I am supposed to give her 2 presents. One of the presents was bread pudding which I baked just before going. It didn’t turn out that good but it was my first attempt and I know how to tweak the recipe.

I was the first guest as I had to put make-up for her first. Of course she looks splendid. Together with the blouse she bought with me and her own skirt with newly permed and coloured hair, she looked different from the tom-boy she was normally associated as.

At the party, I met primary sch to uni friends. Somehow we were all interlinked at some point of time. After chatting up with some random stranger, we realised we got some common friends and had the same choir instructor. How uncanny. hahahha.

and of course on monday I went to catch the da vinci code movie. Ok, reading the book was a mistake because throughout the whole movie, i could pinpoint all the mistakes up to the point of minute details. For instance at Leigh Teabing’s house, the 2nd question asked was ” milk or sugar with tea” and not ” lemon or milk with tea” as depicted in the movie. Yes, my mind went overactive into such minute details. And some female asshole laughed at the point of the movie whereby Tom Hanks said that the french actress ( Ok, I forgot her name) was the descendent of Jesus Christ. Knn. Never read the book lah. Spoilt the whole moment with her unwanted giggles.

So like what my husband said, it is better to watch the movie without reading the book to enjoy the movie as its own. However the book is a much better deal. The front part where they were solving puzzles in the Lourve was so skimpily depicted that most of the scenes were unshown. Such a pity. I love that part of the book best.

I felt there was quite an emphasis on Silas. Yah he got a good bod. Minus the lashings.

and I WAS NOT THE INCREDIBLE COMPANION that watched the movie with MR LIM. Who did you cheat on me with? KNNCCB. Just you wait. I will go and cheat on you.

And New Entertainment Pierre is no longer an entertainment at all. Yawns. I need to find new distractions in the office. And he is not very gentlemenly. Ok, maybe I got skyhigh expectations. He decided to pay for Mentor’s lunch ( and Mother Mentor and I got a free lunch as well ) since she got him into the company. We were fighting to pay for lunch with the storeholder which he won. After he paid for the food, he took the plastic bag with 3 boxes of noodles and at this point, I was quite bowled over that he is such a gentlemen to help me carry the noodles. UNTIL he handed the bag over to me. All the expectations came crashing onto the ground. But I got free lunch so I cannot complain.

Update on Anal Motherfucker. I smiled at him today and he was so stunned to see a smile from me. But he smiled back. Fake smiles never felt so good. 🙂

I went to walk 11 rounds around the park just now. Miss Eloquent jog-a-walked 4 rounds and she never overtook us. So that either means that my briskwalking is so fucking fast or her walk-a-jog is so fucking slow. Heh. Pwned.