As usual when my cousin Jason and I meet up, he will no doubt laugh at my height since he is much taller than me now. And that is because I was much taller than him for 13 years and he has to endure all the jibes from me last time. So for the rest of my lifetime, I have to be contented with him laughing at my height.

Anyway he was saying that he suffered from low self esteem due to my jibing ( he was very exaggerating btw ).

Jason: See lah. Last time you say I short for so long. Low self esteem you know? You remember the student who committed sucide as he was short.

Mrs Lim: ( recalled from her terrific memory that the student committed sucide as he thought his private parts are small )

Therefore I turned to my Cousin Reen ( who is Jason’s sister ) who is a social worker ( her case ) and asked,

Mrs Lim : I thought it is the …..

Reen: Erm, short can mean many things.

Mrs Lim: ( turns to Jason ) EH, I never say your one was short last time.

Reen : STOP IT!

hahahhahahhaha. Cause we were at taos and speaking such publicly.