Another birthday party. I think I attended birthdays meant for 8 pple within 1.5 months. ANd my wallet is hurting. 🙁

Anyway this birthday is for a friend who goes way back in secondary sch and uni. She helps me to watch test-tubes most of the time during science lessons cause I am abit slow during practicals. During JC, I had a hard time washing my own test-tubes without her. Sigh.

Anyway chou Miss Superficial said ” not fallopian ?” when she heard about her washing my test-tubes. hahahaha. Chou wu gui.

And we got her an Aldo Bag. So taitai. I like.

I finally drank some alcohol. Volka. I drank abit only. I skipped the tiger beer. Yesterday is not the time for beer you know?

PS: I think I need to buy a series of books soon. You know it is damn freaky when one person ( New Entertainment ) tells me that he is reading ” a man named dave” and that it is part of a series. When I went for tuition a few days later, my cousin got the book, ” A child called it”. Part of the series. Phwar. FATE. So I gotta get the book to read soon.

PPS: My entries are getting lesser cause I am going out more and there is no time to go online to blog when my bed is beckoning for me.

PPPS: going to BabyFace tonight with 38 gang. Shall do an update about it later.