I had a fight with my parents which resulted in me crying just before I leave for tuition. In the end tuition had to be delayed for 1 hr and I have to leave my house in a pair of sunglasses to hide my puffy eyes and tears which are still being shed.

I just hate my committments at time as I would prefer to be sleeping at home instead of getting mad over my tuition kids. My mood was slightly better when I reached my tuition kid’s house as I cooled down but it was aggravated later when my tuition kid decided to be lazy and inattentive.

Feeling emotionally tired, I smsed Mr Fag and asked to meet him on the spur of the moment. Being such great friends, he can sense that I was not my normal self and asked me what happened despite him having something on.

Having no company, I decided to shop alone. Afterall retail therapy definitely sooths the heart even if it is temperory.

Therefore the damage was quite substantial for my standards.

  1. 1 pair of black pants
  2. 1 ruffled white blouse
  3. 3 triumph panties

I wanted to get another pair of shoes but didn’t manage to find the pair I like.