Singapore Idol Top 100

Old news but I didn’t catch it earlier. Lots of photos from the Toa Payoh auditions. And the singling out of the weirdos joining Singapore Idol.

And another supporter we spoke to, put on his aviator shades, pulled out a beanie from his bag and put it over his head before he declared he was Sylvester-Batisah (for the uninitiated, the first season�s winner and first runner-up were Taufik Batisah and Sylvester Sim respectively). Then he pouted like a million bees stung him on the lips, and asked us to buy his album called �Blessings from the Ah Beng.�

Let’s just hope Sylvester and Taufik never have a baby. Together.

AND OF COURSE. What is Singapore Idol without a William Hung lookalike?

Clad in a red-and-white striped polo and a dead-ringer for famous American Idol enduring disgrace William Hung, 19-year-old Chin Hee Teck remembered what the judges commented on: �They say, when I singing, I do not look at them. Not so ready. Dick Lee say, �You don�t really like that song� (we think Dick said that the song didn�t suit Hee Teck). Jacintha say I can�t sing really well. Florence, she want to give some comments, if I sing other songs, she prefer to hear better (sic).�

For a moment, he looked like he was ready to bolt on us. What about Ken, we asked?

�Ken, I forget already.�


PS: I managed to find some Singapore Idol videos and uploaded all of them. Enjoy.