reading once again

I am halfway through “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” after receiving the book from Crystal tonight. You know you really gotta read a book when 2 different friends mention the book to you randomly.

My tuition kid today said something funny. He asked me whether I wore perfume. Cause everytime he sits beside me for tuition, he will start to sneeze non-stop. And he only sneeze when I sit besides him. I replied ” I am not a flower with pollen grains.” And surprising I did not wear perfume today. Tsk tsk. Don’t blame your tutor-sensor radar which makes you sneeze on the tutor. It isn’t the poor tutor’s fault. And I realise I have a horrible habit of saying this ” Wa lau, so easy! How come you don’t know how to do?”

I sounded like my teachers last time. Maybe I shall motivate my students to study by telling them that they can say ” So simple. So easy” to their tuition kids or students next time.

For the month of July, I shall be a filthy rich tutor. Miss Pooh and Piglet is out of town and I have to take over. Say hello to 800 extra bucks that month. $$$. HF says money motivates me to work so hard. I agree. I slog all the time and stretch myself to the limit to have that extra cash flow.

After tution, it was time for mel’s party. I think we have a more enjoyable time than the birthday girl as we started to talk rubbish. Given my likes for encounters of the huge darker kind ( think shaq o neal and the likes), Miss Superficial said ” She doesn’t like a normal one cause she can’t feel when it goes in.”

tsk tsk. A horrible thing to say indeed. After which we started to talk rubbish, and the group wanted me to start dancing alone cause it was R&B and yup, it will be good entertainment. Siao to the max. R&B is definitely my kind of music since I appreciate the singers behind it. Hahhaha.

Rewind back to an incident I just recalled. We were at Macs when a guy stole an empty table. One of the first phrases which came to my mind and out of my mouth was Chao Chee Bye which I verbalised. Given my ahem demure looks and non-threatening face, the whole group of teenagers turned and stared at me. And some of my friends started to feel uncomfortable cause they got such a nice hokkien-sprouting-vulgarities-loudspeaker that they decided to move away from Macs. Macs, you lost business for 5 ice cream cones btw.

And towards the end of the party, I can’t help but notice that someone I don’t like very much was feeling a little left out since she was not sitting and laughing with us. I have never laughed with such might that results in escalating salty tears which stinks my eyes( my tears always have that effect on me) and extreme stomach cramps.

I am in a mighty hearty mood whatever that means =)