reading and cooking

Ok, all the updates coming up.


Big mac drove and I hitched a ride from her. Although she drives safely most of the time, today was the day in which she qualifies under those horrible female drivers. We were approaching the traffic light and it turned amber. She braked and accelerated and basically, when the red light was on, we were in the middle of the roads. The whole car lurched forward and I bet everybody was rolling their eyes in their cars thinking ” another female driver.”

I came home and bummed around before deciding to drag my ass out to the expo book sale. Shopping for books should be done alone cause it is more therapical . Anyway I managed to reach there on time.

Within an hour, I snapped up 7 books. Time passed by pretty fast and I thought I had been there for 2 hrs. Managed to get John Grisham’s “the broker” and Caterine Lim’s ” silver frond”.

The books were uber cheap and only did a 37 bucks damage to my pockets.


the superwoman day except that my last tuition kid cancelled on me. Nice. FInished reading the Silver frond by caterine lim.


Came back from tuition to discover a huge family secret. I dislike the way my mother hides things from me. Come on, I am no longer a kid.

I cooked dinner for the family, friend and neighbours. Basically for my family, my grandmother, my auntie’s family, my friend and my neighours next door.

The dish for the day is Black pepper fried spaghetti.

Ingredients Needed

  1. 2 packets of spaghetti
  2. 1 packet of pork ball
  3. 1 packet of fish cake
  4. 1 packet of hot dogs
  5. 1 can of mushroom
  6. 1 packet of oyster mushroom
  7. 1 packet of crabstick
  8. 1 bottle of black pepper sauce
  9. 1 small packet of chicken fillet
  10. 2 bunches of vegetables

This is half of what I cooked. I have to fry it 2 times as the chinese wok is too small.

And it tasted absolutely yummy.

So I packed 2 boxes of spaghetti and met Mr Fag as it is his birthday today. We decide to head to east coast park even though it rained previously.

say happy birthday to Mr Fag ( on the right )

In his words, he was glad that I cooked cause he thinks it is very sweet and very tasty. I was thinking along the lines of Chang Jin who cooked to please the recipients. We headed home soon after as I was getting tired plus the fact that Chang Jin was going to show on tv.


Met up with Miss Superficial, HF, Miss Eloquent, Crystal, Miss Mono for dinner. I first caught the movie Firewall with miss superficial and crystal and I was late for the movie. hahaha. Movie is not bad. 3 popcorns out of 5.

And I have curly hair today. Considering the fact that I got natural straight hair, I decided to have a change.

First wet your hair and put some wax on it. Next twist it and secure it with a scrunchy for 10 hours. The longer you put, the longer it will last.


Dinner was at Cafe Cartel which I have not stepped in for 2 years. And the trip there reminded me of the reason why I should boycott it for another 2 years. I can’t believe they have a service charge now. The only difference is that waiters fill up your drink and you pass your orders which is handwritten yourself to the waiter. Oh plus the bill gets delivered to your table. You still have to get the chilli, and bread yourself.


Finished the book “How long have you got?” by katie pearson. This book made me struggle with my tears on the bus. And it just taught me the point that after all the struggle in our careers, what really mattered when you die is your family.


Finished “the broker” by john grisham. I am on a book reading spree. Watched VCD.

hallo boring life.