Office Politics

So I started work at a new workplace this Monday. And within a week, I was exposed to the full range of office politics. Hopefully I am not involved cause I remained neutral.


Almost no colleagues came except one. ZZZZZ. But I realised that I take the same bus home as one of my colleagues ( different dept ). Now we have to name that guy. Let’s call him Lao Ah Beng ( or LAB for short.)


My whole dept came. Finally saw them for the first time. I shall nickname them now. There is Manager, Golden Girl ( so called cause she is attached to another guy in the office so golden girl and golden guy. Jin tong Yu Nu ), Mentor, and Mother Mentor.

Ok, the gist of the story is that Mentor and Mother Mentor are good friends and colleagues. Golden Girl is the disliked party. Manager will be on Golden GIrl’s side if the situation calls for it. But I did not realise all these until on wednesday. Meanwhile let’s shelve the office politics and talk about my lunch.

Lao Ah Beng treated us to lunch at Crystal Jade as it is one of my colleague’s birthday. Even though I don’t really know the rest, I was asked to tag along as it is my dept. 🙂 I only need to pay 5 bucks and get to eat crystal Jade. Good deal. Plus cab fare I don’t need to pay also cause I newbie.

And my company has a policy of celebrating birthdays once a month. Since it was my colleague’s birthday we get to celebrate and cut a cake that day. My director then asked me when my birthday was. I just said it was over and they pressed for the month. Of course have to say the truth so I said April. And I was told to cut the cake together with my colleague. Hahahha. I only got into the company and this is my day 2 and I get to cut a cake for my long ago birthday.


I first smelt office politics when I saw a funny face shown by Mother Mentor when Golden Girl stepped into the office. I tried to dismiss that but it was evident when I saw the same funny face on Thursday.


Apparently there is something which happened at work between Golden Girl, Mother Mentor. Golden Girl denied she ever said something to Mother Mentor which resulted in Mother Mentor making a mistake by doing the things she was told to do. When I heard that, alarm bells rang and told me to be careful of Golden Girl in case she sabo me.

Golden Girl realised that she was kinda disliked by the rest because of this incident and she put her msn nick as ” human relations are hard to handle” in chinese.

Our whole dept ate today for lunch together by calling in some food and Golden Girl tried to make amends by treating Mother Mentor and Mentor. The look on Mother Mentor’s face was classic. She gave the funny look again.

Another lesson learnt : Do not try to bribe your way. Sometimes it just doesn’t work.


Something explosive happened today. Apparently Golden Girl mentioned to another colleague from another dept that she feels otracised in the dept. And the colleague told Mentor. And Mentor told Mother Mentor and the rest of the office. My office is fairly big so news spread really fast.

And I somehow know the reason why Golden Girl is disliked

  1. She likes to push the blame to others
  2. She never admits her mistakes
  3. She thinks 49 kg is fat and she is suspected of taking slimming pills to be slim. But she claims to be naturally thin.

I think I will know more as the days passed by.

But seriously if you are disliked badly by others, whatever you do will be a thorn in the flesh. So the trick is to be nice to everybody. Like me. 😛 And I also realise that it looks calm on the surface with all the unhappiness beneath. No one would have suspected all the disliking beneath the polite exterior.
I got something to say about Lao Ah Beng too. Mother Mentor realises that Lao Ah Beng and I take the same bus home ( cause lao ah beng asked me where I stay on tuesday when we had lunch and he mentioned that we take the same bus). On Thursday, Lao Ah Beng and I are at the same bus stop since we left at the same time. Mother Mentor who left office the same time as us saw obviously knew that we will be taking the same bus.

This morning when I stepped into office, Mother Mentor asked me whether I took the same bus home with Lao Ah Beng. I said no cause he was smoking when the bus came. Then she asked whether we came to work together. I also said no cause I reached later. THEN she told me that Lao Ah Beng is a good guy only that he is abit Ah Beng.

I don’t know whether it is because I am sensitive but does she seemed to be implying something?

I think Mother Mentor is a super smart person. She notices everything. Like when she came over to my desk, she noticed what I am writing on a piece of paper ( I was writing about what I have learnt everyday.)

So it has been an eventful week. I decided to postphone running for the time being cause my body is adapting to my work environment. My shitting clock is screwed up. I feel unnaturally tired after a day’s work such that I have to sleep at 1030pm. I need 2 weeks to adjust and then I will be back to exercising. I promise! SO I will start running after next week.