Miss Singapore Universe- the smartest batch

Ok I took this from hardwarezone forum while browsing through their threads.

Overheard on 98.7 FM this morning

DJ: “Contestant X, tell us why would you win this competition, and the rest won’t?”

Contestant X: “Oh pleeease don’t do this to me….!”

DJ: “Come on, it’s just for the fun of it.”

Contestant X: “Oooookay, I’ll win it because I’m tall.”

— Dead silence in the studio for a few seconds —

Then she continues…

Contestant X: “I’m actually the tallest contestant among all.”

DJ: ” Tell us, how tall are you?”

Contestant X: “I’m one-point seven-five centimetres tall.”

Again heard on 98.7FM this morning…

DJ: “*****, what is it about you that stands out?” (DJ hinting for suggestive replies)

Contestant *****: “I’m ambidextrous!”

DJ: “You mean you can walk and swim at the same time?”

Contestant *****: “Oh!! I can do that too!”

Oh yah and I remember Andrea de Cruz saying on the TV Commercials that they got the smartest batch of girls this year.

Don’t play play. Not only smart but can

  1. be the smallest human being at 1.75 cm
  2. swim and run at the same time. Clones?

This batch is not only the smartest, they are extraordinary.

PS:ambidextrous means ability to use both hands with same amount of ease.