makan kakis

I just amaze everybody with my appetite and the amount of food I ate today for lunch. Lunch only. I think I am cut out to be some eating champions. Look out Japan, the next eating champ will be from singapore.

  1. 2 plates of dumplings noodles
  2. 1 plate of fish slice noodles
  3. 1 muffin
  4. 1 bowl of fried fish slice noodles
  5. 1 huge plate of oyster omelette
  6. 2 bowls of ah balling
  7. 1 bowl of sea coconut
  8. 1 bowl of peanut ice kachang
  9. 4 cups of drinks
  10. 3 hot tea from mrs fields
  11. 1 coke light
  12. 2 teh cinos
  13. 1 milo dinosaur

I think we drank quite abit of fluid. Divide the amount of food by 5 girls and you see monstrous eaters. We ate from 11 am to 3.30 pm. From Amoy street to mrs fields at esplanard and back to Maxwell Market. And it was only lunch.

Looking at the amount we devour, I feel guilty and is very convinced to kick start an exercise program. That horrible Hf said that I finally ran after JC days while running for the traffic light. And she went on to say that I exercised the most today since we walked alot. Chou HF. Pui.

Fine. I shall start running 2 runs around my park next week before work. And do such from monday to friday. I hope I keep my promise

And HF started to claim that she can cook theorically. And she amazed the rest of us with her fantastic theory when she said that she will steam tofu and put minced meat on it. Minced meat straight from the package with no seasoning. Oh gosh, I hope I don’t get stomach ache when I eat what she cook next week.

And all in the name of fun, HF wanted to have a cooking competition. The date is set on 29th April Sat. All of us will bring a dish and we will have a winner who will win some prices. I think I have a better chance of winning now that 1) HF will be cooking and she will be treated as non-competition ( evil smirk ) 2) Miss Eloquent will like chicken stew and that is half the battle won.

I aim to win. hahahahhahaha.

And chao HF decided that we should all have competitions which includes Handicraft competition. Sorry HF, I am bound to win that. I did embroidery before. Another evil smirk.  She decided that she will lose the handicraft competition and we suggested that she can only win at studying competition which we refuse to play. hahahhaha.  As a last resort, she wanted story writing competition. ZZZZZZZ. We all refuse to play as well.

Hmm, so what should I cook for the competition? It will be fun since the kitchen is set. hahahhaha. Machiam Iron Chef. I love to watch that show.

Speaking of cooking shows, I amaze Miss Superficial when she called me one afternoon during lunch and I refuse to speak to her on the phone since I was watching my cooking program. hahaha. I have become domesticated. But the cooking program sucks cause I dislike the chef Nancy.

If Mrs Lim can cook, So can you!!!

PS: give me suggestions on the winning dish. teehee