I hate Spam

wa lau, i blogged finish liao then my laptop power went went to 5% and it went on hibernate mode. And tmd, there was a serious error and have to reboot. Everytime always like that. Time to reformat liao.

Okie, I was saying I hate spam. Cause right sometimes you will be so happy that you received emails only to realise that it is all spam. Especially when I receive emails for my mrslim [at] isthebest.net email add. Cause I never seldom receive emails from there one. Only all the tmd spams. SO pls email me cause I will take time to reply all emails. hahahaha. I am so bored.

I wanted to scold vulgarities but decided not to 🙂

I also want to revamp my room. Need a cupboard with glass panels to display my bags.Me got too many bags. Need a cupboard to display my books too cause I love to read and keep my books. Me got too many books. But me share bedroom so no space.  Sian hor.