Don’t play play

I just realised that there has been a letter sent to the forum regarding expensive charges by a doctor in the heartlands.

Eh, that one is my family doctor. He is a nice man. I have been going to see him ever since his clinic was set up there. I think he is one of the nicest doctors around. Hmm, which doc will open the door for you?

And that man who wrote the letter disclosed the name of the doctor, the name of the clinic. ANd now he kena pwned. Cause there is a letter of apology by him to my doc liao.

SO moral of the story? Next time you draft a letter to the forum, please do not make allegations against the person and include their name and their shop,if it is not true.

So this dude was unhappy about expensive drug prices ( which is not true as certain drugs are more expensive), and now he has to put an apology in the newspapers. WHich is even more expensive.

PWNED to the max.