Another Edit: and bread pudding.

Edit: I just remembered that she liked shepherd’s pie. Something else to cook.

I will be cooking once more next month. For my friend’s birthday. What will be a more special gift than putting in effort to cook?

Considering that I really hate to wash up after cooking and i always put in 100% when I cook, i hope this will be a special birthday gift. Of course I will buy for her something also. She requested for lagsane which I have no experience. Nevermind, just experiment lor. What else can I cook? Hmmmmm. I am good at kebabs too. And maybe a dessert to round up the meal. Hmmmm. I want to learnt to bake something new. I baked muffins, cookies, egg tarts, brownies, rumballs,gingerbread men before. What else????

I am excited about this whole cooking thing. I think I shall cook for my friends as a birthday gift in future if I have time. 😀 Of course will still buy presents in case pple think i gian peng.