Birthday party

Yesterday is my friend’s aka ex-colleague birthday. So I braved my cough and went for the party only to eat more ice-cream and drink more ice cold barley.

Then I decided to hiao before going there. Long time never hiao and put on makeup already. I even tied my hair the night before so that it will be curly. And it was so curly ( and nice ) of course that everybody thought it was permed permanently. hahahhaa.

when I reach the party ( me and niaolin was one of the early few), I noticed that the party girl ( niao jia) did not put make-up and do not intend to.  How can? Luckily I bought my make-up kit along and helped her to put. I have to say that she looks the best yesterday of all the years I know her. hahahahaa

Happy Birthday to you Niao Jia