Beauty Sleep

I think I just got prettier by maybe 1%. hahahahhahaa. Cause I slept for freaking long. Like a 6 hours Nap last night before sleeping 8 hours again till this morning. Maybe I will sleep like 10 hours tonight. hahahahahhaha.

And I know I am sleeping too much when I start having weird dreams. People who once fleetingly know me made a guest appearance. So weird. And so I was having a dream that I am supposed to be hosting a school event and was one of the contestants to sing as well. As I was busy preparing for the hosting part, I did not manage to practice my korean song well ( I never sing korean songs in real life). Of course I started to sing softly and it was a bad stage experience. yah, weird.

My friend AMY is coming back from US. It has always been great to hear from her cause we will go hunting for restaurants to eat especially indian restaurants. Muthu’s curry on our menu again this time and maybe this vegeterian indian buffet which I ate before which is super good. And shop. hahahaha. She is one woman who can spent like 200 bucks on her estee lauder stuff. I don’t even spent so much on comestics and skincare all year round.