Sorry for the no updates. I need to upload pics before I can update on my “exciting” week.

But something got me thinking for a while. All this while, I had this insane need to be well-liked by others and to be accepted. It drives me nuts for others to express opinions about me which I dislike or simply to disagree with my opinions.

It’s insane. My mind will be thinking of how I can make these people like me or agree with me. And my whole day will be screwed just because of this. I know everybody had days like that but making people like me became a consuming event.

In the end as one matures, I realise that usually those pple who expressed a different opinion are usually people who don’t really know me. And why will I go all out and be troubled with people whom I don’t even have their hp number. It seemed ridiculous after a while.

So I have decided to let those evil thoughts consume me for like 1 hr. After which they will be kicked out of my brain cause they don’t matter at all. Heck, I think those people even made their comments frivolously without any thought at all. And to everybody, we should only be upset when comments are made by closed ones.

Manyatimes, we disregard comments made by our family only to believe in comments made by strangers/accquaintances or “friends”. Frankly, why get so upset over such minute people in your life?

for the me who doesn’t bother anymore.